Understand Thrush In Horses

Understand Thrush In Horses

Horses have the unique ability to shed dirt and debris for there hoof naturally. The shear action of stepping causes the expansion and contracting of the hoof this movement sheds anything packed in the foot. The fact that manure gets trapped in the hoof and stays there is the cause of thrush in the hoof. Thrush is an anaerobic bacterial infection that eats the dead exfoliating tissues of the hoof. That’s why everyone says just pick out the feet more. They are simply saying open it up to get oxygen to the area. Oxygen kills thrush on contact. This is why the simple act of walking cleans the area and oxygenates it, this only works in a healthy functional hoofs.

How do you get rid of thrush in horses hoofs?

Occasionally there are situations that just don’t let the natural function of the hoof work and we as the care takes need to step in and help. Horse that stand in stalls that are not cleaned every day, older horses that just don’t move around very much or any compromised hoof. This Keeps there hoofs packed with manure allowing thrush to grow unchecked and rampant.

At this point a stronger treatment must be used to effective treat this condition in the hoof. An antiseptic and astringent is recommended. Outlaw Thrush treatment is an effective treatment. As an antiseptic it kills the thrush deep in the hoofs nooks and crevices where thrush grows.

After you treat thrush you need to stop it from coming back. This is where the astringent part of Outlaw Thrush treatment start to work. It reduces the moisture in the tissues of the hoof by shrinking the tissue at a cellular level without drying out the hoof. With reduced moisture in the hoof thrush can’t survive.

This effective method of treating thrush is only found in Outlaw Thrush Stuff.