The Outlaw Pad Laminitis Treatment Info

How to apply the Outlaw Pad – Laminitis Treatment Kit

The pad is completely flexible to mold to any shape foot. It comes in three sizes to fit the majority of horses and ponies. Small, Medium and Large.

The first step is to clean the periople off the hoof wall. This can be done in a few ways. One recommended is to use a rasp fine edge and then the sanding block which is included with the laminitis treatment kit. This will remove any debris and all loose organic matter from the foot that might cause the glue to fail. Only the hoof that will be glued needs to be cleaned.

Prepare the shoe and foot with Elastomeric Primer (Cleaner spray bottle). Wipe down prepared hoof and shoe with primer (Cotton balls included in kit). Let dry.

With the horse standing on Outlaw shoe, align the medial lateral tabs under the wall and the toe. The frog support should be 1/4 in. behind the apex of the frog. (for added support, dental impression material can be added after shoe is applied and before glue is added). Tighten toe band to desired size using strap at toe. Excess strap can be cut off it desired once pad is fit.

Fold down one tap at a time. Apply glue (1 oz. Cyanoacrylate) to full surface of tab and hoof wall some glue will squeeze out. Use 1/2 bottle per shoe. Note: Do one tap at a time glue then hold.

Glue one tap at a time use light hand pressure to keep tabs down during drying process (drying time approximately 30 seconds to 2 minutes as weather permits). Excessive pressure will remove to much glue hold firm let glue adhere. Add extra glue to any gaps and apply pressure to those points.

It is recommended to use Vet rap or similar rap to keep debris out of hoof and help stop sole pressure. Rap form toe to heel leaving the sole open to drain any abscesses that might occur and reach the sole of the hoof for treatment. The Outlaw Pad can be taped on simply by adjusting the toe band. Then tape with an adhesive bandage similar to Elasticon or 3m bandage. For ease of removal vet rap can be used one roll per foot.

When taping with an adhesive bandage or Vet rap the heels should be included in the process to keep the Outlaw Pad in place. If not the horse will walk out of the pad.

At this point you can medicate the sole and apply one or two strips of tape across the sole to keep your medications in place. Elasticon or similar adhesive bandage can be used to tape the Outlaw Pad on instead of gluing.

To remove the Outlaw Pad first any tape or bandage should be removed. With a clinch cutter or similar tool (screw driver) apply force between the pad and hoof wall. The glue will snap off clean. Clean off any glue then re-glue if needed.

How to Use Instruction

Below are the instructions that come along with your purchase of The Outlaw Pad treatment kit for horses with laminitis.