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Treatment for Horses with Laminitis & Founder

Treatment for Laminitis & Founder

The Outlaw Shoe products provide care to horses with acute laminitis or chronic founder.

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These videos show you how to use the Outlaw Shoe product to care for Laminitis and Founder in Horses:

Complete Laminitis Kit
For Only $79.00

This laminitis treatment kit includes everything you need to begin caring for your horse.

  • Pair of Outlaw Pads
  • Glue (Cyanoacrylate) 1oz.
  • Elastomeric Primer
  • Sanding Block
  • Cotton Balls Bag

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The Outlaw Pad
Horses with Laminitis

For horses diagnosed with laminitis we offer the Outlaw Pad as a preventitive care. To reduce swelling and sore feet purchase the Outlaw Pad and begin caring for your horse today!

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The Outlaw Shoe
Horses with Founder

The Outlaw Shoe is an emergency aid that can greatly reduce the pain a horse may have with Founder. It is best to care for your horse so the founder is cared for. Learn more about the only horseshoe, The Outlaw Shoe, that can care for horses that are foundered.

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