The Outlaw Shoe

The Outlaw Shoe – Founder Treatment

The Outlaw Shoe is an emergency aid that can greatly reduce or prevent displacement (rotation and/or sinking) of the coffin bone. The Outlaw Shoe is also known as an open toe heart bar shoe. The benefits to using an open toe heart bar shoe are mentioned below:

  • Efficient mechanical break over that can be further enhanced if necessary with rasp to the toe.
  • One piece full heel support shoe.
  • Spreads weight across the heel reducing pressure point.
  • Self-adjusting break over and frog support.
  • Shifts load from apex of frog to heel area.
  • Opens blood flow to the tow and relieves pressure on the apex of the frog and coffin part of the horses foot.

This horseshoe is the ONLY Therapeutic horse shoe patented and designed for treating laminitic and founder horses!

The Outlaw Shoe – Style

The Outlaw Shoe styles are:

  • Outlaw Shoe #1 – The “Open toe, heel support” shoe
  • Outlaw Shoe #2 – The “Open toe, standard heart bar” shoe
  • Outlaw Shoe #3 – The “Open toe, full heel support” shoe
Outlaw Shoe #1 – Eliminates P3 pressure on sole. Increases break over at toe.
Outlaw Shoe #2 – Reduces the pull of the deep digital flexor. Can add extra frog and heel support.
Outlaw Shoe #3 – The Outlaw Shoe comes in three styles. For all stages and situation of laminitis and founder.

The Outlaw Shoe – Sizes

There are 5 sizes of Outlaw Shoe (steel) horseshoe care product. It is an Open Toe Heartbar Show and is made out of 1/4 in. steel flat.

  • Size 00 (This is a small 00)
  • Size 0 (This is a medium 0)
  • Size 1 (This is a medium 1)
  • Size 2 (This is a medium 2)
  • Size 3-4 (This is a large 3-4)

Treatment for Horses with Founder

This founder specific treatment horseshoe is an emergency aid that can greatly reduce or prevent displacement (rotation and/or sinking) of the coffin bone.

Description of how the Outlaw Shoe treatment works: The first step to enhancing the healing environment is to introduce blood flow to the compromised feet. Time is always of the essence. For best results, always consider acute laminitis as an emergency before it turns into founder, caring for for the horse is important. This is regardless of how quickly the horse responds to medication.

The toe is open for blood flow and to relive pressure on the apex of the frog and coffin bone. With the open toe the Circumflex arteries and vein along with the palmar digital arteries and veins along the borders of the sensitive frog is opened allowing for more circulation and better toe growth.

The heel is over size to support the full weight of the horse without pressure point that can cause abbesses with a traditional heart bar shoe. The weight is spread out over a larger surface area supporting the coffin bone. The heart bar is placed at the apex of the frog for support and pain relief. The open toe can be set to increase break over at the toe and remove any dishing. The open toe relieves ground force pressure on the P3 that is pushing down reducing possible abscesses in the sole. Easy access to the sole for draining and treating abscesses. This shoe is designed for the chronic laminitic, founder horse or cushioned horse. Horses can live a long and productive life in these shoes. Keep one or two pair on hand for the unexpected.

Using The Outlaw Show (Steel) Horseshoe to Treat Acute Laminitis and Founder

Here are some pictures of a horse that was being treated for acute laminitis. As you can see the Outlaw Shoe (Steel) horse shoe instantly adds extra support to the wall of the hoof and relieves the pressure on the frog and coffin bone of the hoof. By trimming the toe of the horse the horse now has added support to walk around and increase blood flow to begin the healing process.