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The Outlaw Shoe provides horseshoeing products from the Outlaw Pad that treats acute laminitis to the Outlaw Shoe for founder in horses hoofs.

With acute stage of laminitis inflammation of the laminae between the hoof wall and coffin (P3) bone swells and puts pressure on the sounding tissues causing pain in the hoof. The Outlaw Pad is designed and patterned for the reduction of pain associated with Laminitis of the horses hoof.

Founder in horses is the inflammation and separation of the laminae of the coffin bone. The lamina provides support to the coffin bone. When separation occurs, typically the coffin bone rotates downward also know as founder. As the coffin bone rotates downward, it presses the sole of the hoof causing severe pain in the hoof. In severe cases, the tip of the coffin bone can cause abscess and possibly penetrate the sole of the hoof. The Outlaw shoe was designed to aid in the pain and heel support of the hoof during this stage.

Question about Horses with Laminitis, Founder and Thrush

We offer a new and effective treatment to help your horse recover from from laminitis, founder, or thrush in the hoof by using Outlaw products.
Please email me for questions about the Outlaw Pad, Outlaw Shoe product or Outlaw Thrush products.

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