The Outlaw Shoe Founder Treatment

How to Use the Outlaw Shoe – Acute Laminitis Known as “Founder”

Founder Treatment Care – The Outlaw Shoe

The Outlaw Shoe is designed to treat horses that have founder in the foot. By using the Outlaw Shoe preventing founder and caring for a horse that already has founder is important.

Here are all the benefits to using the Outlaw Shoe:

  • Efficient mechanical break over that can be further enhanced if necessary with rasp to the toe.
  • One piece full heel support shoe.
  • Spreads weight across the heel reducing pressure point.
  • Self-adjusting break over and frog support.
  • Shifts load from apex of frog to heel area.
  • Opens blood flow to the tow and relieves pressure on the apex of the frog and coffin part of the horses foot.

The horse is “Rio” a 23 year old bay gelding.

Called by owner to check horse looked stiff and walking on egg shells. Vet called also diagnosis is acute Laminitis need heel support. I applied a medium size Outlaw Shoe with tape for approximately 2 weeks at this point the horse was sound enough to apply a steel Open toe heart bar shoe the “Steel Outlaw shoe” With a Vettec Equi-Pak soft packing.

The packing at the toe has been cut out so the sole is open.

After 5 weeks with this shoe and packing the shoe was removed and foot trimmed. The laminae and sole at the toe had considerably less bruising across the gap where the shoe was absent. This would re enforce the hypotheses that without any static force pushing back on the coffin bone and allowing the movement of tissue compression and damage to the sole and laminae will not occur. (Photo 3a)

3a – Left front after trim

I feel this stopped the possibility of abscesses at the toe and gave “Rio” a better chance of pulling through this on set of laminitis. He has been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome of type 2 diabetes.

The two photos (Photo 4a and 4b) with shoes after reset show the weight has been redistributed to the heel and taking pressure of the toe. Then the toe is squared off blunt with the front of the shoe. It is not resected or cut back aggressively for this does not serve any benefit to the hoof or horse. Bleeding the horse to relieve pressure is barbaric and ill advised it only increased trauma to the hoof capsule and underling tissue. If the hoof is necrotic then it should be removed.

4a – Left front after shoe reset
4b – Right front after shoe reset

“Rio” is doing great now is on medication and feet are clean and growing out nicely. If another episode should happen I’m thankful I have “Outlaw shoe acute laminitis protocol” to fall back on.